Year TWO in Review!

Year Two!

To say it's been a blast, is an understatement. We have tried many new things over the last year. Some Successful and some not so much.

We tried putting our products in local stores, but unfortunately the local shops that we tried didn't work out for us. We think shops like these, unless you're there from the Hop, or buddy buddy with the owners, you have to really invest a lot of time and a lot energy on your own, which is totally fine, but when your paying rent and additional fee's to the owners that don't actual help your business the way they say they do, is super discouraging! In our opinion lol you only end up paying to just put your product on their shelves with the hopes that it sells, its not actually advertised or promoted like "stated"

Since last February our kids have gone back to school, one of us went back to our full time job and the other had another baby.. can you guess who had another babe to add to the Piccolo Crew!

Since both of us have been super busy with babies and work we have done a lot of soul searching when it comes to Piccolo Mondo By ETC. We realized local maker shops are not for us and just became a Money Pitt, so we have refocused our energy on keeping our business e-comm right now. We will be investing our time in creating new designs and archiving old ones, creating blogs for fun things to do with our My Little Mats and hopefully grow within this space.

Looking forward to another amazing year ahead.

With love,

Amanda + Melissa

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